5 financial podcasts - you may not have listened to but should

The once unchartered territory of the podcast has, in recent years, become a hub of creative content, diverse opinions, rich comedy, informative bulletins and enticing debate. Often characterized as a destructive media form, the podcast scene has attracted the ‘Big Players’ of journalism and broadcasting, such as the NYT and BBC. Their clever content, Planet Money, The Daily or World Business Report to name a few, has grown to dominate the top charts. However, there still remains huge room for independent content producers largely thanks to the low production costs and ease of access to major streaming platforms.

In this article we focus on podcasts which relate to finance, picking out 5 that you won’t find in the iTunes Top Charts but should definitely be considered when you plug your earphones in for that morning commute.


The One That Will Breathe Fresh Air into Your Financial Podcast Palette.

pod2Rule Breaker Investing – The Motley Fool

The 5th addition to the Motley Fool podcast entourage, Rule Breaker Investing allows listeners a weekly insight into the investment acumen of David Gardner as he discusses the most innovative and disruptive publicly traded companies and how to apply his “Rule Breaker Investing” principals.

Since its inception in 1993 The Motley Fool, a private financial and investing advice company from the US, has been continuously criticized for its controversial popularizing of day trading strategies that aim to “beat the market”. However, the fact that nearly 30 years on the company is still going strong suggests that there is method in their investment madness.

The One That Will Add a Spring to your Step.

pod3The Acquirers Podcast – Tobias Carlisle

If you’re after a deep analysis of topical stories from the investment world accompanied by light-hearted debate and a flavor of humour, you can do a lot worse than The Acquirers Podcast. Tobias Carlisle is the manager of Acquirers Funds, LLC, a deep value investment firm based in sunny Los Angeles. In his pod he brings in regular guests to chat over investment moves and theories in an intensively casual manner that emanates the vibrant warmth of the California Coast.

A bouncy soundtrack and down to earth approach are combined to make the episodes enjoyable and easy to listen to.  The Acquirer’s Podcast offers professional insight to a broad audience, serving both to educate and to entertain.

The One That Gets Straight to It.

pod4Quoth the Raven – Christopher Irons

“Financial pundit Quoth the Raven (Christopher Irons) of QTR Research talks finance and social commentary without the bulls**t or long bias spin of the cable news networks’’.

Irons own description of his podcast puts things bluntly but is a great representation of his approach to discussing financial topics and themes. This podcast style itself as a savior from the “inherent long bias” and “sensationally euphoric nature” of financial media. Each episode focuses on a topic from financial current affairs or a particular angle on investing. Guests are invited in to engage in conversation over these themes with the unapologetically American Irons. Despite the eerie branding and cynical bio, the dialogue is relaxed and very easy to listen to. Irons incisive tone and the expertise of his guests offer clear financial perspectives over the course of each 2-hour episode.

The One for “Sophisticated Investors”.

pod5Macrovoices – Erik Townsend

Erik Townsend describes himself as a “retired software engineer turned hedge fund manager”. He certainly has a wealth of knowledge and experience and his regular podcast packed with intelligent discussion of finance and macroeconomics. Each episode addresses various relevant topics and the latest market updates, with a host of expert guests contributing to the conversation.

The One That Will Get You Out of Bed in the Morning.

pod1Tribe of Mentors – Tim Ferriss

In the wake of his infamous Ted Talk on ‘Why you should define your fears instead of your goals, Tim Ferriss launched a fresh new podcast providing snappy chunks of life advise from a plethora of inspirational individuals.

Ferriss, himself one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People” and an early-stage tech investor/advisor to the likes of Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Alibaba and dozens of other companies, devised Tribe of Mentors as a short form progression from his exceptionally successful podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, which has surpassed 200 million downloads.



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